Tabi sneaker

Tabulka velikostí

You know the advantages of toe socks but are still insecure about going all the way with toe socks? Then try split toe socks first: Knitido Tabi have the traditional Japanese sock shape with separated big toe.

These are also good for your feet: unlike conventional socks which often squeeze the toes together, Tabi socks relieve the big toe of this strain so that it can better carry your body weight and provide stability.

  • Colourful sneaker socks for everyday use
  • Pleasantly soft with 83% cotton
  • Non-irritant wearing comfort thanks to seamless finish in the toe area
  • Breathable and hygienic; retains the sweat and supports a balanced foot climate

Material: 83% bavlna, 12% nylon, 3% polyester, 2% elasten

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