Tabi cotton & merino

Tabulka velikostí

You know the advantages of toe socks but are still insecure about going all the way with toe socks? Then try split toe socks first: Knitido Tabi have the traditional Japanese sock shape with separated big toe.

These are also good for your feet: unlike conventional socks which often squeeze the toes together, Tabi socks relieve the big toe of this strain so that it can better carry your body weight and provide stability.

Tabi socks from merino wool – enjoy them all year long. The popular, comfortable split toe socks made of merino wool fit in shoes, toe separators and sandals and are comfortable to wear all year round:

  • Merino wool regulates body temperature, both in cold and warm weather.
  • Merino wool binds moisture and keeps your feet dry.

Tabi socks with separate big toe are comfortable and easy to put on – just ideal for toe sock beginners.

  • Soft blend of cotton and merino wool.
  • Midi length that fits any season.
  • Seamless finish and with knitted heel.
  • Breathable and hygienic, regulates the temperature.

Material: 45% merino vlna, 41% bavlna, 9% nylon, 3% polyester, 2% elasten

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